In Conversation

George Rickey: The Poetry of Useless Machines

Join Philip Rickey, son of the pioneering kinetic artist George Rickey (1907–2002), in a conversation with Eric Gleason, Senior Director at Kasmin, about Rickey’s work and legacy.

Hosted at the gallery on the occasion of the largest multi-site exhibition of dynamic sculptures across Park Avenue and the Kasmin Sculpture Garden in Chelsea‚ the talk explores the importance of public artwork in the context of the creation of Rickey’s poetic and precisely calibrated sculptures that he referred to as his “useless machines.”

Designed to be situated in the public sphere, the works are activated by their interplay with the surrounding environment, reshaping the landscape and bringing heightened attention to aspects of light, movement, and composition.

This event was held on Saturday, September 11 at 509 West 27th Street. To visit the exhibition’s Online Viewing Room, click here.