Studio Visit

Ian Davenport in the Studio

Join artist Ian Davenport at his South London studio for a discussion of his 2020-21 exhibition at Kasmin, titled Sequence. The exhibition consisted of large-scale paintings created using the artist’s signature technique—pouring paint onto a tilted surface according to a carefully structured, preconceived composition and color sequence.

This process reflects Davenport’s fascination with materiality. “I guess in a way I’ve always thought of myself as a sculptor who makes paintings… So I’m playing around with two dimensions, but also how two dimensions become three dimensions,” he says.

Each work consists of a meticulously planned color sequence, which the artist often generates by remixing palettes inspired by historic works of art. Davenport hopes these experiments in color will prompt his viewers to be “more aware of the world that’s around them”—”a bit more sensitive” towards their environment.

Learn more about the exhibition here.

Video by Calvin Chinthaka.