Naama Tsabar: Estuaries

Naama Tsabar’s first institutional solo exhibition in Germany presents four of the artist’s major series comprising over twenty works that complement each other both visually and sonically. Including Works On FeltInversionsMelodies of Certain Damage, and Metronomes the installation investigates the artist’s unique practice, which transcends traditional boundaries, blending sculpture, music, performance, and architecture. With the use of felt in connection to sound, the presentation corresponds with works by Joseph Beuys, which are also shown in parallel in the Kleihueshalle. The exhibition is the first in a series of contemporary presentations in dialogue with Beuys’ works in the collection.

On the occasion of the opening, the artist and a group of collaborators from New York and Berlin staged a series of performances within the exhibition. The site-specific composition musically activated the works on display, transforming the space into a resonant, immersive environment.

The full performance can now be screened on The Kasmin Review. Additional performances will be staged at the museum this September.

Naama Tsabar. Photo by Charlie Rubin.

About the artist

Naama Tsabar’s interactive works expose hidden spaces and systems, reconceive gendered narratives, and shift the viewing experience to one of active participation. Tsabar draws attention to the muted and unseen by propagating sound through space and sculptural form. Between sculpture and instrument, form, and sound, Tsabar’s work lingers on the intimate, sensual, and corporeal potentials within this transitional state. Collaborating with local communities of female-identifying and gender non-conforming performers, Tsabar writes a new feminist and queer history of mastery.